What do I need to do to start my loan at HardMoney2Go? 

Use this link to complete our quick application, http://www.hardmoney2go.com/loan-application.html or call us at 202 798-4755

Where does HardMoney2Go lend?

We lend within 100 miles of DC and Baltimore, plus Virginia Beach.  

Do you provide a proof of funds letter?

Yes, of course!  We will provide a proof of funds letter after the potential borrower has been financially qualified. The Proof of Funds letter will state that final loan funding is subject to underwriting.  

What are your key loan policies?

  • Loan size for single family homes:  $75,000-$2,500,000

  • Loan size for multi-family homes:  $75,000-$3,500,000 (Maximum 4 units)

  • Loan to After Repair Value:  60-70% (depends on your experience, the property location)

  • Loan to Investment (purchase plus renovation costs):  70-85% of purchase, 100% of renovation

  • Minimum FICO score:  620

  • No prepayment fees or minimum term requirements

  • 6 and 12 month terms available
  • Interest only

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Money Loans​

Do you provide cash out refinancing?


Why use hard/private money?
Most traditional banks do not make loans to flippers.  When they do, it often based on the personal assets of the flipper, rather than the real estate.  So, newer investors who do not have significant net worth will not be able to get a loan for a flip. Even experienced flippers use hard money, because banks simply can’t process the loan fast enough.  Deals can be lost waiting on approvals.  Hard money lenders are set up to close loans in days if necessary, banks typically need 30-60 days. In addition, hard money lenders have years of experience in the business, so provide an important source of information, experience, and feedback on potential investments (particularly to newer investors).  

Can I get a loan extension?

We can give a three month extension.  This will require additional fees.

What is hard money?​

​A hard money loan is an asset-based loan commonly used for fixing up and flipping homes. These are different from traditional bank loans because they are based primarily on the value of a “hard” asset (in this case real estate) as opposed to more traditional bank loans, which are primarily based on the borrower’s income, credit check, bank statements, etc. Hard Money loans may cover only the cost of the purchase of real estate, only the cost of the renovations, or both expenditures.  ​​

Do you lend to individuals or companies?

We lend only to corporations, partnerships, or LLC’s. We do not lend to individuals.  

Do you require collateral other than real estate?

Not generally.  We will require a personal guarantee of the major partners in the LLC.

What is the difference between a private lender and a hard money lender?

For all practical purposes, very little.  Hard money lenders tend to be larger, more organized, and have access to more funding.  Private money lenders are usually individuals who are lending their own money.  There are no set rules that differentiate the two types of lenders.  ​

How fast can my loan close?

We understand that time is critical in Flipping.  We work hard to be highly responsive, and work at the necessary speed, the speed of your required closing.  Most loans close in two weeks from the first discussions that we have.  Let us know if you need us to move faster. 

Does HardMoney2Go provide loans to buy and hold investors?

​You bet we do!  We fund income investors who need to bridge to a long term lender when the property needs renovation to be rentable, and the longer term lender requires seasoning. (Seasoning is a time period when the lender requires that the property has a tenant that has paid their rent.  This is typically six months). 

The team at HardMoney2Go has ten years’ experience lending to Fix and Flip investors, (“Flippers”).  To new investors, the meaning and policies and procedures of the business are completely unfamiliar.  We’ll clear up the major questions, the following are the answers.