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What the Tax Reform Bill Means For Real Estate Investors

Wow! Free Money!  And not just for investment bankers!  The government has decided to give most real estate investors a break on their taxes.  For those businesses using pass through organizations (LLC’s, Partnerships, S Corps, etc.) the first 20% of income is TAX FREE!!  Wahoo.  If you have a C Corporation, your tax rate drops from a max of35% to 21%.  YOU GET TO KEEP MORE OF YOUR MONEY!  .

However, that only goes for flippers and realtors.  If you are a landlord, you may or may not get the break.  The IRS is not giving clear guidance.  And if you are a lender (please, tears here for those of us in the humble real estate lending business), no soup for you.  Interest income is still fully taxable.

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